Tips for Finding ASMR Triggers

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a feeling of tingles which typically start in the scalp and move down the shoulders and spine. There are various things which can trigger this response and YouTube is rich with videos that hope to trigger the response in you.

There are no rights and wrongs. Some people are triggered by some things and others are different. Even if you only feel nurtured, relaxed or sleepy it’s a good thing if – you are trying to sleep.

A list of possible ASMR triggers

1.  Whispering

There is whispering in most ASMR videos, and there are some that are almost all whispering.

The great thing about whispering is that it is so personal and intimate. It makes us feel like a baby again, and it seems pretty universal that we whisper to babies. It’s what adults do naturally when talking to a baby.

2.  Repetitive tasks

You will find repetition in many ASMR videos, but there are some that are just repetitive for the sake of repetition. This can be very soothing and can create the ASMR response for many people.

We need to acknowledge at this stage that everyone is different. Some people get an ASMR response easily, others not so much. If this relaxes you or puts you to sleep, that is a good thing. If one type of ASMR doesn’t appeal to you, or even feels annoying, just try another. There is no ‘correct’ response and no one is ever ‘wrong.’

3.  Tapping and scratching

This appeals to some people. You’ll see that most of the girls who make ASMR videos have had a manicure. This isn’t just vanity. It’s because the visual can create a vicarious experience – as if we are having the experience ourselves – and if it looks good, it’s soothing too.

4.  rattling

Containers full of items such as paper clips or safety pins can make a rattling that invokes the ASMR response for some people. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you. ‘Works’ is a word that might get tricky. Even if you just find it calming, that isn’t a bad result. It’s completely up to you whether you like it.

5.  Doing/Making

Watching people putting on makeup or carving or doing any mundane task can be something that many people like.

6.  Turning Pages

There are many mundane tasks that make great ASMR videos. We nearly all love books, and the turning of pages can be just what we like to watch and listen to. Page turning makes a sound that isn’t too loud and is rhythmic. It also takes your eyes from side to side, which can work too.

7.  Role play

Role play is a way to have a little fun, have an ‘adventure’ and perhaps achieve an ASMR response. This video has an emphasis on role play.

8.  Grooming/touching the head

Somehow, just watching this if you are in a mood and a location for the videos, can feel like it is happening to you. Again they are rhythmic actions.

9.  Concentration

Any activity that involves concentration can draw you in to the world of the video you are watching. This is a great environment for possible ASMR responses to happen.

10.  Blowing

Gentle blowing towards the microphone is another typical inclusion in these videos. Does it work for you? Try it and see.

11.  Personal attention

All good ASMR videos feel like you are receiving personal attention. This is particularly likely to happen if you are in a quiet room, perhaps settling down for sleep, and watching on a smaller device. It might not work so well if you are playing the video on a large screen in a well lit room. See what works for you.

12.  Massage

Who would have thought that watching a massage can be almost as relaxing as receiving a massage.

13.  Hand movements and feeling textured materials

Hands are fascinating to watch and some people find this even better when the hands are feeling softly textured materials and making soft sounds of the rubbing on the material. There are many hand movements and tasks that make good watching on ASMR videos.

14.  eating

Watching someone eat can be rhythmic and soothing, can be almost as good as eating ourselves and can elicit AN ASMR response.

15.  you never know – try something that seems unlikely

If you think something won’t work for you, you can never be sure until you have tried it. Some of the most unlikely videos can work for me, so these videos are worth trying. Who knows how you will react to them. Tingles, anyone?

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Your One Mantra

ASMR triggers are very individual.

Experiment and see what works for you.