The battle to overcome fear. Win it.

1.  Be alert for fear. It can return.

But you can beat it. And beat it again.

2.  Hunt out the thoughts that create fear

When you can find them, hold them up to the light, find what times of day they come, you can deal with them.

banish fear. The battle to overcome fear. Win it. 16 tips and one mantra.

3.  It’s personal.

The better you know yourself, the sooner you can get to the heart of your fears.

4.  It’s not so personal

We all suffer from fear. It’s a human survival thing that kept us away from saber toothed tigers.  You are ‘normal’ and everyone else is dealing with their own fears, so don’t beat yourself up about fear.

People think mainly of themselves, not of you.

5.  Our fears are more imagined than real.

Most of the things we fear never eventuate. We have vivid imaginations. We should turn that skill to writing novels. Put your character through those fears – why do it to yourself?

6.  Fears are just thoughts

Think of a rainy day. That’s a thought. Think of a sunny day. That’s another thought. We can think of opposites. Get out that fearful thought, examine it in the light, flip it to its opposite.

7.  Who is looking at you anyhoo?

Is anyone really looking and judging, and if they are, they aren’t your sort of people anyway. I’m still not ready to send marketing stuff to my personal Facebook friends, but otherwise I am. I’m doing internet marketing, so what? Who even cares or knows? Seems that everyone is doing it. No big deal.

8.  Break those you fear into groups, and work out that they aren’t really against you

There are people who don’t know you. That will probably stay the same. There are people who already know you. Your relationship with them will also probably stay the same. There are customers – remind yourself that you are providing a valuable product or service to them.

9.  Work through fear in meditation

Find YouTube meditations that address overcoming fear. They can be very useful, even if you don’t see yourself as a meditator.

10.  ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’

This is a book. This might suit you, it might be too much ‘cold turkey’ for you. Know yourself and see if you can just tough your way through this fear.

11. Ask questions of your fear

Really put it on the spot. It will crumple under cross-examination. The nasty imposter.

12.  use gratitude

This switches it around. Our fears are nothing compared with how lucky we are just to be here, and living a good life.

13. Use your body

Action is good for you, and working up a sweat is productive and can banish fear.

14.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Not so bad after all? Let’s hope so.

If you can think through your ‘bottom line’, and know that you can deal with the consequences, fear is powerless over you. Put things in place to avoid the worst types of failure, if at all possible.

15.  get some perspective

Helping those less fortunate will put your fears in perspective. It might empower you and give you a larger purpose to encourage you to tackle that fear.

16.  Write your fears in a journal

It’s easier to isolate those fears if they are written. When you are writing freely, just for yourself, the fears are more likely to come to light.

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Fears are just thoughts. Change those thoughts.