Make Your Mantra


10 Tips. 7 Tips. 101 Tips.

The internet is full of tips. I write and curate a lot of them myself.

Have you ever read a list of tips, found that they all make sense and decided to implement them?

And then you wake up and your mind might be full of tips, and you wonder what to do next.

Or you get started on your day and wish you could even remember all those tips.

So many tips, how do you ever implement them? By mantra, of course.

I’ve found converting the tips to a mantra will give a guiding principle to make implementation happen.

images of tips, large arrow that converts the tips to one mantra.

Tiptastic boils tips down to a mantra, but if you find tips somewhere else, what do you do with them?

Here’s what I do:

1.  Read the tips.

2.  They aren’t just tips. Behind them lies an attitude. That attitude is what is behind the new behaviors that are suggested in the tips. Read to work out what that attitude is.

Here is an example. We’ll work with a few tips from a list I wrote for getting writing done. There are some authors who really struggle with the discipline needed for the writing process.

tips which can be translated to the idea of diligence and finding a way.These four tips seem to be coming from a place of diligence. If the writer can get ‘stuck in’ to the work involved, they will be implementing the tips. There are tips or suggestions for HOW to do this, and finding a way seems to be the overriding principle.

The person reading the tips should be able to find a way that suits them.

The attitude behind a list of tips becomes the clue to finding a working mantra.

This is not to say that the tips should be ignored or forgotten. They can still be recorded, and you can try to implement some of them. You could also attack your day with your mantra, and from time to time check in and see if the tips are being ‘hit’ by your actions.

But there isn’t a lot of room in my consciousness for a lot of tips that need to be acted on. If I can distill the tips into a new attitude and hold that front and center of my day, I can make that work.

So the writer above might wake up and think Write, be diligent. If they sit down at their desk and start writing, great. They may need to consult the list of tips and find a couple of ‘how to ideas’ that will suit them. Those ideas can then become the fleshing out of the mantra.

The writer who reads the tips above might decide that they will load a few podcasts on their phone, and head to a coffee shop. They can then hold in their mind Write, be diligent. As they head to the coffee shop, and sit down with their coffee, all they need to think is Write with diligence and hold that thought as they get to work. 

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