Internet Security. Some Basics.

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At the bottom of the page is One Mantra to pull all the tips together. You can use it to guide your behavior and make this stuff work.

Internet Security. We don’t like to think about, but…


1.  You’ve got to do it.

Set a reminder, and backup. Automate if you can, otherwise, backup at least every week. Don’t want to lose even a day’s work? Backup every day. Keep your backups safe, like in a desk drawer, rather than somewhere that a malicious attack can reach.

2.  use protection.

Install good security software and keep it up to date.

You can find free software and you can purchase software. I have curated many of the items Amazon has to offer, and when you get to Amazon, you can browse some more.

Computer with vulnerable written across it

3.  never get too busy for security

The time that you are too busy, and have got lots done, that’s when Murphy’s Law will step in and you could lose all that valuable work. The busier you are, the less you can afford to have something catastrophic happen.

4.  Be suspicious of all emails, and most websites

Be careful of emails. Be suspicious of approaches from ‘your bank’ or anyone, really. be really sure before you click links. Copy and paste into a browser rather than clicking a link masked by a button, or friendly text.

5.  Attackers are getting cleverer, and their english is improving.

Malicious sites and emails can look very authentic. There are even ways that ‘dodgey’ web addresses can be made to look like the real thing.

6.  Be vigilant with updates of your operating system and all security updates

Updates are a good way to stay ahead of the hackers. While they are reactionary by definition, they are still worth keeping abreast of.

7.  don’t pay ransomware criminals

How do you know they will do what they say – they are anonymous and in a position to get more money from you?

8.  Change passwords regularly

If there is any suspicion that your computer may have been compromised, change passwords, but do it from another machine if you can. Use your phone or pad perhaps.

9.  Be really careful on public wifi

Unless you have to and have no other alternative, don’t put in passwords on public wifi. Don’t do you banking or go to other sensitive sites.

10.  Stay informed

The more you know, the more prepared you will be. You can browse Amazon books here.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this page which means that I receive commission from them.

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Internet privacy, anonymity and security book

Internet privacy, anonymity and security book

Your One Mantra

Internet security. Be a little paranoid. Every day.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this page which means that I receive commission from sales.

Internet security. So many are not up to date. Image of computer VULNERABLE. The basics are the best place to start. Tips.