Internet Marketing Basic Decisions

Give massive value.

At the heart of internet marketing is a marketer who is trying to give value, and keep on giving value.

Start off by focusing on value. This builds a solid foundation.

That’s because it’s almost impossible to get rich quickly. Internet marketing is about building a base and that base is all about value.

learn the basics

The long term plan cold be to develop your own products and market them through a funnel, but when starting out it’s enough at first to learn how to make some small sales, possibly as an affiliate.

Self-education is a very important part of becoming an internet marketer.


Later, when you understand the landscape, then decisions can be made about what sort of a marketer you want to be. This will most typically be a choice between network marketing, affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

You can then reverse engineer the process a little. You can work out the one thing that you want your traffic to do, because only call to action, or click, per page will work.


Selecting your product is a very important step. Not all products are created equal. Many products are returned and this isn’t a good scenario for a marketer. Products need to satisfy buyers once they are purchased. They need to provide good value. Also they should provide a sufficient commission for the marketer to cover the cost of obtaining that traffic.


There are a variety of ways to reach people. There is your own blog, various types of social media, email and the social media that are partly social and partly search engine (Pinterest, YouTube for example). you’ll need to decide which one, or which combination, are the ones that suit you best.

This is where you need to approach the decision from both ends. Look at where your talents lie. If you are great at digital art, or video or writing, try to capitalize on those talents. Just as importantly, you should look at where your target market hang out on line. This is where your efforts to reach out should be made.

There are free and paid ways to get traffic. The marketer needs to decide on the balance between free and paid traffic that they are going to strike. Free traffic sounds appealing, but it is ‘paid for’ in the time of the marketer. Time is money and those who decide to put in time, rather than money, must budget that time.

Your list

Ideally, you’ll develop a list of targeted prospects.

The members of the list need to know, like and trust you and to feel that you are giving them real value.


Whatever method you choose to communicate and provide value, there will be some copywriting involved.

Learn as much as you can. How to Write Copy that Sells by Ray Edwards is a best selling book on this topic.

when and how to provide content

You will need to figure out a regular schedule for providing content and work out the type of content that you provide. Remember, all the evergreen content that you make will keep on working for you, so that you will be constantly adding to your bank of content.

If you can take the added step of linking content, you will make your content more powerful by showing it to be part of a much larger whole, and by drawing logical progressions between the elements.

Russell Brunson has written two books that give great insights into the internet marketing process. His first book, DotCom Secrets teaches about value ladders and sales funnels and how he creates an attractive character to convey his message to prospects.

These are great basics for the beginning marketer and are coincidentally the same things that highly successful marketers like Brunson keep on using.

Russell’s second book is a new one Expert Secrets. It takes the reader further into the process of becoming the expert, so that the valuable content that they give is coming from a place of expertise. As an expert, you are in a position to change the lives of the self-selected people who come within your sphere.

internet marketing decisions need to be made when you are beginning. head and question marks.

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Your One Mantra

Keep on giving massive value.