Beat Procrastination – When you can’t see the benefits of the work

If you can’t see the benefits of your task:
  1. Look harder for them. They will be there somewhere, probably hiding in the future, beyond your immediate comfort.
  2. Think big picture.
    • It’s possible to work for the long term benefits, for our families, etc even if we aren’t liking the short term pain that is involved. Plenty of people do it.
  3. Ask someone who values this type of work.
  4. Translate the benefits into something you understand, like money.
  5. Think of the benefits to others, and be altruistic.
  6. If you can’t find intrinsic rewards:
    • Again, look harder.
    • Treat it as an opportunity to listen to music, or podcasts.
    • Try to enjoy the company of workmates, customers, someone else.
    • Tweak the job to make it suit you better eg. change the hours that you do it.
    • Change your attitude. Count your blessings.

person before stone wall, benefits just over the wall

The benefits may be just a little out of sight

7.  Do some of the above eg consider how you are luckier than others.Look at the benefits in a new way.

8.  If you don’t value the benefits:

  • If the benefits are for someone else:
    • Are they paying you? Can you ask for a raise?
    • Can you do a similar task but work for yourself?
  • If you are only working for wages, you might be able to find other income where the work is more satisfying to you.
  • Is there really something better out there? Make sure there is before you get too dissatisfied. The image above could also be interpreted that ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.’ Is it really?
  • The thing that can change at no cost and in the blink of an eye might be your attitude. If this is an attitude problem, address that, rather than trying to change everything else. Then again, it might not be an attitude problem. You will need discernment.

9.  The common factor in all of this is to break down and analyze what your issues are with the work and either:

  • find the silver lining, or
  • change the situation.
  • Anything is better than wasting your time with procrastination.
  • Hope you find that helpful.

I’ve written more on procrastination here and here.


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