Tips for making money online. Productivity tips for working your online business. Strategies for life. Dealing with fear. Tips are great.

But making tips part of your life? What works for me is to have One Guiding Mantra. So the tips are crunched down to One Mantra. For making this stuff WORK.

I’m Jan Sullivan, online entrepreneur. I’ve tried things that don’t work, and found some that do work.
I’ve had some help from a great mentor, dean holland. That’s tip #1. Find a good mentor. You can meet Dean too in a FREE WEBINAR where you’ll learn how to make life changing income online, even if you are a complete newbie.

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Tips, Mantra Charged

Tips. Tips, tips. We have plenty of tips here, but if you want one guiding mantra to guide your day, you’ll find one mantra at the bottom of the page.  


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